7 Strategies To Fight Breast Cancer

7 Strategies To Fight Breast Cancer – Breast Cancer can be devastating for any woman. If you are above 50, your struggle will increase significantly. There are a few things that you can do apart from the treatment that will help you fight breast cancer.

This includes keeping your weight in check, being physically active, eating fruits and vegetables, avoid alcohol and cigarettes, etc. Here are the 7 strategies that will help you fight breast cancer:

Stay informed

Getting yourself educated regarding breast cancer is the most important step. You need to learn all there is to learn about your cancer and what are the best ways to treat it. You need to understand your cancer before you start researching or else you will end up wasting a lot of time.

Ask your doctor where you can get information regarding your cancer. Staying informed will not only help you avoid all the myths regarding cancer but also get better treatment.

Know your comfort level

There are two types of patients. After getting diagnosed with cancer, some of them want to know everything they can immediately. Then there are others who aren’t comfortable knowing too much about their condition.

They don’t want to know too many specifics. If you are the former one, you can ask for help from your family or friends who can help you get the right information.

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Talk to the doctor

Whether you want to know everything about your condition or not, you need to talk to your doctor and resolve all your queries. Write down all the questions you have before meeting with the doctor. Research the condition and take notes. You can find several potential questions online. You can even read the stories of survivors.


It is always good to have a friend or a family member accompany you to your appointments. They not only provide support but also act as another set of ears. A friend is a much better option in this case because family members are too close to this and are as upset and emotionally vulnerable as the patient.

You can try recording the appointment or taking notes. Many people are so overwhelmed that they don’t hear or understand a thing their doctor says.

Rock the boat

Many cancer patients fear consciously or subconsciously that if they get upset about something, their family members or the doctors will abandon them. This fear multiplies tenfold when the patients are old because they know they will need their support. This feeling of fear and vulnerability will only increase during the treatment.

Rocking the boat here means that you don’t have to accept everything your doctor is saying. You should try taking a second or third opinion.

Talk to other patients

Speaking with other survivors will not only give you hope but also help in getting the right treatment. Many previous cancer patients volunteer to help other cancer patients with the same diagnosis. Internet is great for researching but it can also scare you to death. Hearing people’s stories will help you stay strong during the whole treatment.

Other tools

There are several groups and hotlines that a cancer patient can use. Not only do they help you get in touch with other cancer patients but also aid in getting the right treatment.

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