Are Americans Unnecessarily Scared of COVID-19

Are Americans Unnecessarily Scared of COVID-19: Death is a terrible thing, but inevitable.

We all must die of something. It is not how we die, but how we live that makes the difference.

What we do with our life matters and being afraid to live because we may die can have serious implications, mentally, socially and economically.

COVID-19 has driven our society in this direction, we are now afraid to live because we think we may die.

The numbers do not support this. So why do so many believe it? That information is easy to find and not the reason for this opinion.

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Recently our governor put forth a new mandate requiring all citizens to wear masks in public regardless of social distancing (a horrible phrase that will be forever in our lexicon). The fact that over 99.7% of Americans are not ill! (1,152,37 confirmed cases, 377,000,000 citizens, do the math)

Also according to the same article 0.0178% of the population has died as a result of a COVID-19 infection. This is statically insignificant.

Before you make some snap judgement regarding my personal experience, I have lost someone to COVID-19, a 90-year-old aunt. She had a good life and will be remembered but her time had come.

According to the CDC 79% of the deaths associated with COVID-19 are in the population that is over 65 years of age, 13% ages 55-64 and only 8% under 54. So why are we killing our future over our past?

The average working age in America is 42.3-years old. This age group has a very low mortality rate well below the most seriously affected, but they are the group suffering most due to the draconian measures being force upon all Americans. Protect the vulnerable and let the rest make their own decisions based upon the risks.

We are killing our future by stifling the young who cannot work, cannot go to school, cannot socialize. How are we affecting our children who look around and see masks and gloves on everyone? That won’t be known for years to come. We are frightening them into believing the world is out to kill them!

COVID-19 is a disease and humankind has always had disease and will always have disease. COVID-19 will NOT go away! H1N1 did not disappear, it is still infecting and killing people right now, COVID-19 will do the same.

We do not hide from N1H1, why are we attempting to hide from COVID-19? We must reopen! We must socialize! We must educate! We must live! Our future depends upon it. We can remember our past, but we must save our future!

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