Are You Sabotaging Your Own Weight Loss Efforts

Are You Sabotaging Your Own Weight Loss Efforts: When it comes to weight loss, there are a few mistakes which can really hamper your progress and lead to negative side effects like stress, cravings and mood swings.

For healthy and sustainable weight loss, it is important that you follow a holistic approach-one that you can continue with in the long run.

Rachel Paul or college nutritionist recently took to Instagram to share a few weight loss mistakes that you must stop making.

From doing high intensity exercises in excess to using only the weighing scale as a way to measure your progress, keep reading to the know mistakes you need to avoid, while trying to lose weight.

Doing high intensity exercise too frequently

According to Paul, this is a weight loss mistake which you need to avoid. Your need to maintain a balance while exercising.

High intensity training can be done once or twice a week, depending on your strength and stamina.

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Doing high intensity training too frequently can increase the risk of overtraining, injuries and burnout.

Using the weighing scale as the only success measure

Apart from the weighing scale, there are other tools to track your progress, which are probably more reliable too.

These include inch loss, how well and comfortably your clothes fit you, how fit and active you feel, your sleep quality and reduction in stress levels.

All of these can signal that you are making progress in your weight loss journey.

Setting your calorie deficit too low

Creating a calorie deficit is probably one of the most effective ways of making progress in your workout routine. However, your calorie deficit should not be too low.

Too low calorie deficit can make you feel starved and may slow down your metabolism, which in turn will delay weight loss.

Going for perfection instead of consistency

Consistency is the key for losing weight, getting fitter, leaner and healthier. Without being consistent in following your diet and workout routine, results can be slower than usual.

Do not aim for perfection and push yourself so hard that you fall down, quite literally. Aiming for perfection can in fact, make you quit and even make you binge eat or drink.

Snacking and skipping meals

The portion size of your snacks must definitely not be equal to or more than the portion size of your meals.

You also need to ensure that you have snacks at an hour or an hour and a half before your main meals.

Eating snacks too close to your meal time can make you skip meals. Skipping meals increases risk of nutrition deficiencies and overeating.

Not prioritising your sleep

Sleeping well is more important than you can imagine. Being sleep-deprived for even one day can make you eat more the next day.

You also run the risk of hormonal imbalance by not sleeping well, which in turn delays weight loss and makes it more difficult than usual.

So if you’re trying to lose weight, make sure you don’t make these common mistakes. Happy fitness y’all!

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