Coronavirus Survivors of Wuhan China

Coronavirus Survivors of Wuhan China – A 98-year-old woman has been discharged from a hospital in the Chinese city of Wuhan after being cured of the coronavirus – making her the oldest person in the world to survive the deadly illness, according to a report.

The woman — identified by her last name Hu — developed a fever last month and was treated at the makeshift Leishenshan Hospital in the epicenter city along with her 55-year-old daughter, who also was infected with COVID-19, the Xinhua news agency reported.

She had been listed in critical condition with a fever of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the news outlet. After a course of anti-viral medications and other treatments, the near centenarian made a full recovery.

It was not immediately clear how doctors determined that the woman no longer had the illness. Typically, nucleic acid tests are administered to check for the presence of the virus.

But a Chinese respiratory expert in Hubei Province, recently said that some people who were said to have recovered from COVID-19 still tested positive.

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“This is dangerous. Where do you put those patients? You cannot send them home because they might infect others, but you cannot put them in hospital as resources are stretched,” Zhao Jianping told the Southern People Weekly, according to the South China Morning Post.

As of Sunday, almost 200 coronavirus patients had been released from the hospital.

More than 3,000 people have died, the vast majority in mainland China, of the illness, which has infected over 88,000 people around the globe.

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