Data Analytics Improves Coronary Disease Care

Data Analytics Improves Coronary Disease Care – Holmusk and National Heart Centre Singapore have announced that they have extended their collaboration agreement to improve care for patients with coronary artery disease using machine learning and data analytics, until December 2020.

This will build upon the work done over the past 3 years using data from the Singapore Cardiac Longitudinal Outcomes Database (SingCLOUD), a large registry for patients with cardiovascular disease in Singapore.

The aim is to leverage clinical data to enable deeper clinical insights and a new generation of decision support tools, allowing physicians to make timely, personalised decisions about disease management.

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The past 3 years of collaboration have resulted in multiple positive outcomes, for research and better patient care. One success was the use of Holmusk’s proprietary analytics methodology to predict the risk of secondary major adverse cardiovascular events (such as death, stroke or another heart attack) in patients admitted to hospital with a heart attack.

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