Detoxifying Your Body

There isn’t any doubt that detoxifying your body plays a huge role in both cancer treatment and cancer prevention. In fact, most alternative Health Care Practitioners believe that a toxic body is the common denominator of most diseases. Overall body toxicity rises over many years to the point where:

  • Billions of different pathogens are in our bloodstream.
  • Our lymphatic system is congested (not moving through the body and disposing of waste properly) and pathogens lying latent in it.
  • Our colons have between 7 to 40 pounds or more of putrified waste stuck to the walls causing “auto-intoxification” (toxic substances reentering the blood stream)
  • There are parasites living in our bodies ranging in size from small pathogens like bacteria, viruses, etc. to much larger parasites like worms 6-12 inches long in our intestines. These parasites invade our organs causing damage and leaving more toxic waste in our bodies to deal with. They also can be the root cause of conditions such as gallstones, liver and kidney stones.

Everyone has a toxic body, its just a matter of degree. Because of this, many persons have impaired immune function which can lead directly to cancer. Detoxifying the body is a multi-step process that involves many different areas like blood, lymph, colon, parasites, liver, kidneys, etc.

The first step is to clean the colon. There is a need for a clean “pathway” for toxic material to exit the body. If you don’t start with a clean colon, toxins trying to exit the liver can be reabsorbed back into the bloodstream and cause severe illness or death if shock sets in very quickly.

The second step is to kill the parasites and pathogens not only in the bloodstream but also pathogens in vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, spleen, etc.

The third step is to kill the remaining parasites in the digestive tract. This can be accomplished by using the three herb combination of Black Walnut, Wormwood, and cloves.

The fourth step is to cleanse the liver and kidneys. These cleanses will remove the “trash” that has accumulated in the liver and bile ducts in the liver and push out gallstones remaining in the liver. Plus, the kidney cleanse will flush the “trash” and eliminate kidney stones. These cleanses can help to avoid surgery for removal of the gallbladder.

The fifth step is exercise. It is a key component in detoxifying, and for overall health. Physical activity can keeps the circulatory system moving the toxins out of the body rather than letting them build up and poison the body. Huge amounts of toxins are released from the body during exercise through the skin when sweating as well as with urination.

Work closely with your health care practitioner to determine when and how much exercise is practical for you personally. Exercise has a dramatic effect on the immunity, so you have to be cautious as to how much to engage in, especially if you have already had conventional cancer treatments.

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