John Gee Diagnosed With Terminal Brain Cancer Is On A Mission To Bid Farewell To All His Love Ones [Please Support Him]

A dad is making every moment count with his young family after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer days before his 38th birthday.

Things were looking up for John Gee, who got the all clear from kidney cancer around seven weeks ago, after being diagnosed in 2019.

But headaches and dizziness caused concern for the former smart metre engineer, who booked a brain scan for September 13.

The next day doctors told John, from Forres, Moray, that deposits of the kidney cancer had spread to two sides of his brain.

His cancer is terminal and he is receiving palliative care.

John’s prognosis has devastated his family, including his children; Kyron, 17, Archie, 13, Freddie, 10, Roma, five, his fiance, 32-year-old Lana Morrison and her two children from a previous relationship, Kieran, 13 and five-year-old Leo.

Holding back tears, John told the Record: “My kidney cancer spread to my lungs and chest, it was terrible.

“I went through radiotherapy in 2020 and in 2021 I had six different procedures to remove the cancer, including key hole surgery, two operations in my throat and having my right lung punctured.

“I finally got the all clear around seven weeks ago.

“But when I started getting headaches I knew something was wrong.”

Working with the Royal Air Force (RAF) brought John to Lossiemouth from his home in Wolverhampton, West Midlands in late 2000 and he’s lived in Scotland ever since.

John would now love to ‘say goodbye’ to family members spread across the UK in the time he has left.

Desperate to support John’s wishes, fiance Lana has now launched a GoFundMe page to raise the cash needed for him to visit loved ones.

Well-wishers have since helped raise £1,000 in just a few days. “I have been so humbled by people’s generosity,” John added.

“I would never ask for this money, I don’t ask for anything, I’m a giver. “But I don’t have time on my side or money to say goodbye to all of my family.

John Gee with his family

“Hopefully this will allow me to make those trips.” He added: “I am also a big car lover, my dream was to buy all of my kids their first cars.

“I won’t get to do that now. I made that promise to my children but I’m not going to be here. “Maybe the fundraiser will help make that happen.”

Big-hearted Moray locals are donating to the page in droves on social media.

One wrote: “Thinking of all you guys at this very hard time.

“We’re sure you’ll smash the goal and make some wonderful memories.”

Another added: “Such an amazing family.

“Love you all very much.

“You will always have a part in my heart.”

A third posted: “Thinking of you and your lovely family.

“Stay strong and enjoy every last minute with Lana and your little family.

“Sending you both and the little ones great big hugs.”

You can help John and his family by visiting the official GoFundMe page.

For more information on brain cancer visit the NHS website.

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