Stand With Ukraine. Donate What You Can!

The United Nations (UN) has launched an urgent humanitarian appeal for $1.7 billion to deliver life-saving humanitarian support. You can send an urgent tweet in support of the UN’s appeal, urging governments and businesses to support the people of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, 40 Ukrainian civil society organizations have come together with six urgent appeals for the world with the Kyiv Declaration, and you can take action to help them get heard.

They request safe spaces to be provided for civilians, sanctions on Russian banks, support for local humanitarian responses, freezing the assets and revoking the visas of Putin and his cronies, defensive military assistance, and provision of equipment to track war crimes and ensure that all those responsible are one day brought to justice.

UK can also join us in calling on MPs to stand with people fleeing Ukraine and all refugees who need safety and protection, and vote against the Nationality and Borders Bill — also known as the “Anti-Refugee Bill”.

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