The 5:2 Diet For Persons With Type 2 Diabetes

The 5:2 Diet For Persons With Type 2 Diabetes – A small study conducted by researchers at Oxford University randomly allocated 33 overweight patients with type 2 diabetes to an 800-calorie-a-day diet, or standard care.

Patients were given advice from health professionals – including ideas for recipes – and prepared meals for themselves at home.

After three months, those on the 800-calorie diet lost an average of one-and-a-half stone and saw big drops in their blood sugar levels.

As in the DiRECT study, many of them were able to come off their medication.

There’s plenty more recipes that stick within the 800 daily calorie limit on

But what if a rapid weight- loss diet isn’t for you? Any diet that involves losing enough weight to unclog your pancreas will almost certainly help. ‘Enough’ usually means ten per cent of your body weight – or at least 22 lb if you are overweight.

One tried and tested method of losing weight at a slower pace is via the 5:2 diet, which is the way I did it.

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For five days of the week, eat a healthy, balanced diet, and steer clear of sweet, fatty stuffs such as chocolate and crisps. Then, for two days, stick to 800 calories.

In a recent Australian study involving 137 patients with type 2 diabetes, those allocated to a 5:2 diet managed to sustain an average weight loss of roughly a stone over the course of a year, leading to big improvements in blood sugar levels. The participants who were the most diligent kept off an average of 1st 9 lb.

In Prof Taylor’s three-stage plan in You magazine, he recommends sticking to three, small and healthy meals daily for long-term weight maintenance, and 100 calories of vegetables for added fibre. The specially crafted recipes include imaginative things you can do with vegetables, which will help the process.

These days, he recommends a total limit of a slightly stricter 700 calories, to allow room for the odd cup of tea – which we know Britons struggle to live without.

If you can manage this, great. But many struggle with this, knowing that they’ll be tempted by the occasional weekend takeaway or chocolate bar.

So some people find a 5:2 eating pattern easier to stick to, as it leaves space for the odd treat. Just make sure it really is occasional, of course.

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