Are You Having A Stroke? Here Are The Signs

One of the best ways to avoid the deadly consequences of a stroke is to recognize the warning signs quickly.

To help people remember what signs to look out for, Doctor Alex Schneider, Stroke Neurologist at Mission Health, explains each letter in the acronym BE-FAST.

A person may be experiencing a stroke if they have any of the following symptoms:

B – Balance

Is the person having trouble with balance or coordination? If someone is having balance difficulties, it could be a sign of a stroke.

E – Eyes

Is the person suddenly having trouble with seeing, loss of vision or sudden double vision?

F – Facial Weakness

Ask the person to smile. If there is any asymmetry with one side of the face dropping, it could be the result of a stroke.

A – Arms

Check for weakness in the arms. If you suspect a stroke, have the person hold their arms up. If one tends to drift down, it could be a stroke.

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S – Speech

Is the person’s speech slurred? If a person has trouble getting words out or understanding speech, it could be a stroke.

T – Time

If someone is experiencing more than one of these symptoms, quick action is required. It’s time to call 911.

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